Algae Games!

Algae Games!

We are beyond grateful to have a community of customers that support our business and love our products! Without you we wouldn’t be here and as we look to expand our business we want to reward you for sharing your stories with using Algae Control and help us decide which products we should launch next. We invite you now to join our FB group and we are offering $5 store credit to anyone who joins!

Rules and Regulations

The Algae Games will run via a points-based system similar to something you might find at Hogwarts, but don’t worry there’s no Snape to take away your points. Below we have outlined how you can earn points and rewards in the games.Remember this is a public space with positive vibes only unless its regarding feedback of the product. Any harmful attitudes towards other members in the group will result in a temporary ban from participating in the Algae Games. Lets be nice to each other 😀

Point Allocation

Posting Photos: Sharing photos of your aquarium, fish, critters, and before and after photos of tanks treated with your Algae Control will get you points in the group!

  • Photos of your aquarium, fish, critters = 5 points
  • Before and After photos = 20 points

Sharing Stories: Anytime you share personal stories about your experience with Algae Control

  • Customer Testimonials = 15 points

Daily Check-ins: We want to create a group where aquarium lovers can come in and share best practices for maintaining their aquariums.

  • Daily Check-Ins: 2 points

Answering Questions: To encourage collaboration, you will get points for helping other community members by answering their queries, this can be about anything regarding aquariums or Algae Control products.

  • Algae Control Questions = 10 points
  • General Aquarium Questions = 5 points

Feedback is always highly encouraged and we want to hear from you about how we can make the product better and what products you want us to release next!

  • Feedback = 5 points
  • New Product Suggestions = 5 points

Special Challenges: We will be organizing monthly challenges where you can earn bonus points for participating (e.g., 20 points for the best tank transformation of the month, or 20 points for the best tank diversity).

Levels and Badges

We have different levels that will come with additional rewards like merch, free bottles, and extra giveaways. Additionally we will have community votes to award badges like ‘Most Helpful Member’ or ‘Best Before and After Photo.’ If you have ideas for

  • Bronze: 100+ points = Free Bottle of Algae Control
  • Silver: 200+ points = Free 3 pack of Algae Control & GWL T-Shirt
  • Gold: 300+ points = Free 6 pack of Algae Control & Custom Merch

Redeeming Your Points

Store Credits: Every 100 points can be redeemed for $10 of store credit.

Exclusive Products: You can also use your points to get your hands on prototype products not yet available to the general public.

Discounts and Special Offers: We will be offering different aquarium equipment that you can spend your points on, hint we are partnering with some really cool brands 😀 you know and love.

Leaderboard and Recognition

Leaderboard: We will post a monthly leaderboard of the top 10 point collectors to showcase our amazing community members.

Monthly Highlights: Top contributors will be featured in our monthly newsletter and on social media pages unless they choose to opt out.

Community Events: We will start to host monthly live Q&A sessions, webinars, and workshops with some of your favorite aquarium influencers that will have more opportunities to collect through participation.

Thank you for your continued support and please reach out to us with any questions! 

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