• Solution for tank algae, take action to clean and prevent algae in your aquarium with algae control

    Take action before it gets worse

    Microalgae are some of the most resilient and adaptable organisms out there. Getting a bottle of Algae Control is your first step towards ensuring the problem never comes back and your aquarium stays balanced! Learn more about tank algae and ways of dealing with it in our blog posts.

  • Green Water Labs Algae Control Solution, application for algae free aquarium

    Relax and dose once a week

    Reducing stress is important for you and your fish. We recommend small, weekly dosings of 1 oz for every 10 gal in your tank to keep your aquarium stable and regulated. Check out our how to use guide for staying stress-free AND algae-free with alignment in your tank.

  • Clean, clear aquascape tank with regulated and balanced nutrient levels to prevent algae

    Sit back and let nature do the work!

    After 7-10 days, you'll start seeing Nature do their thing. Prevention is KEY when it comes to algae, so maintain stable, weekly dosings for best results. Now go enjoy your aquarium without worrying about the problem-solving stress and instability!

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No Harmful Ingredients

By harnessing the power of nature through compounds in organic plant-waste, we're able to provide healthy, renewable alternatives to toxic chemicals and high-stress problem solving in your tank. It’s time we start working with ecosystems instead of against them. 
We know how water ecosystems balance & regulate algae, so we bottled key compounds to support your aquarium's ability to do so on their own.
Our products are manufactured in our Seattle facility by recycling local, organic plant-waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this impact moss?

Algae Control may affect moss overtime with weekly dosing. Likely that you will see less growth of your moss during treatment.

Will my snails have anything to eat?

Algae Control is designed to help prevent excessive blooms of algae in your tank, but it will not kill all the established algae in your aquarium so there should be sufficient dining opportunity for your snails. Algae is a very reliant organism and is also necessary for your biological system. If you are concered with eliminating too much algae then please monitor the growth and use the product as needed.

Does it have copper?

No. All active ingredients in our products are extracted from organic waste and are free of copper, ammonia, and peroxides

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Make algae control a part of your aquarium maintenance and save time and stress.