How our Products Work on Algae

How our Products Work on Algae

Many of us have experienced first hand why quick fixes don’t always work out in the grand scheme of things. Well, this applies to changes in water ecosystems, too! While other algae treatments seek to destroy and kill organisms immediately for rapid results, Green Water Labs takes a very different approach with softer chemistries for great reason. Today, we’re going to talk about how Algae Control works and why we’re okay with taking the slower, safer route for more sustained secure results to regulating algae and cyanobacteria in your aquarium ecosystem.

Working with Nature

The Green Water Labs team has worked hard to understand how natural water ecosystems function and regulate algae on their own. Algae Control was never made to be a fast, immediate kill-fix because we know that ecosystems in nature can’t just change overnight without vast consequences. This is why maintaining water stability is actually more important than being a “perfect” fish keeper for your critters. By using softer, green chemistries, our products are able to mimic defense mechanisms engineered by the natural world. These molecules are designed to specifically target microalgae and cyanobacteria— without sacrificing the strength and well being of other organisms.

Algae Control utilizes competition strategies inspired by the natural world to target and inhibit the growth of various filamentous and suspended species of algae. Through such bio-mimicking technology, Algae Control leverages synergistic effects in subtle but powerful ways. This advanced approach requires small, weekly doses to keep algae blooms from ever coming back in your tank. However, it does take time and consistent, weekly application to establish stability and maintain control. This means that results typically take a couple weeks and can be subtle at first.

Photos can be a powerful way to track such changes, and our team loves seeing your at-home projects sparkle with success! It’s exciting to see more people working with ecosystems instead of against them, so if you’re beginning this journey in your tank, our team would love to see shots of your unique story towards algae-free stability! You can always reach us with pictures, stories, and/or questions at

Avoiding Quick-Fix Consequences

Quick-fix approaches often come with symptoms leading to unintended consequences. Consider hydrogen peroxide and related peroxide compounds. These products are great, green alternatives for quick-fix uses, especially as disinfectants, but are highly toxic to most living organisms. This causes their use in aquariums to be quite unrealistic as they can unintentionally kill fish, shrimp, plants, and other organisms in your tank. While quick-fixes come with immediate results, their intensities pose risks to both aquatic life, humans, and ecosystem functions. For example, use of such rapid “solutions” can often create kill and bloom situations when not used to completely sterilize an environment. Kill and blooms happen when there’s an initial kill that occurs within just hours to a day – often leaving a void for other organisms to take over. Microbes that were previously dormant or inactive may now fill such voids causing further algae or bacteria blooms. With Green Water Labs Algae Control, we’re here for the long run and are proud to offer more secure, sustained results from doing so. Our product introduces gradual changes over time to ignite robust and stable impacts, while clearing high-demand problem solving and stress for the aquarist once established in regular use.

The Big Picture

By using a more long term, holistic view of aquarium health, we seek to establish gradual, yet robust changes that actually support aquatic ecosystems without the side effects of dead fish and other mysterious problems down the line. Though, it’s actually far bigger than this, too. By embracing principles of green chemistry, we’re inspiring a paradigm shift towards nature-based compounds and away from risky, synthetic chemicals, while still remaining far more effective. At-large, green chemistry strives for safer alternatives through processes that decrease waste production and risk, while improving overall efficiency! But it doesn’t stop there, and we apply these values through the full life cycle of our products. By applying these principles to our product’s design, manufacturing, purpose, and ultimate “disposal” or after-life use, we’re not only creating safer products to use in aquarium ecosystems, but we’re nurturing holistic practices that work better for ours, too. The Green Water Labs mission is surely one that resonates with those looking ten, twenty, and even fifty years ahead in search of nature-based stability and alignment.

At The End of The Day

We are here to help you let-go of constant problem-solving, harsh chemicals, and the scrubbing sponge when it comes to algae. It’s time to actually start enjoying your all natural, algae-free aquarium ecosystem and feel good doing it! Try Algae Control for yourself, and witness how algae-free stability feels in your tank. Stay tuned for further discussions regarding green chemistry.


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