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Using Algae Control

Hello wonderful community!

We hope you are all having a great start to your 2022 year! We released Algae Control back in October to a few select customers to help gather more data on how the product works and find the best use cases. 

We are happy to report that the data is in and we have exciting news! Many customers have come back with great feedback. Algae control is quite effective at mitigating growth in your tanks and systems. There was a small concern that the solution might effect pH, but the feedback is that the solution does not cause any significant changes in your system. We have decided to outline a couple use cases to help show how Algae Control can best help you and your tank! 

1. Using Algae Control with other fertilizers. 

- Many of our freshwater customers use plant food to boost the beautiful foliage in their tanks. Sometimes these fertilizers can cause algae blooms.... but when adding Algae Control alongside the fertilizers, the algae growth remains minimal. One of our customers in Des Moines, IA said that he stopped seeing algae blooms once he started adding Algae Control with his fertilizers. His strategy was to cut the dose in half, and use twice a week when he normally adds his fertilizers. 

2. Getting rid of annoying bio-films

- One of our customers in Gloucester, VA has been using Algae Control to help rid his plants of the bio-films that sometimes coat the leaves in his tank. Its easy to scrub the side of your tank but trying to clean all your plants can be time consuming and just not fun all around. Turns out that Algae Control is also quite effective at keeping your plants healthy and clean just like your tank! We ran some tests in our Georgetown, WA lab to confirm this theory and found that plants looked brighter and cleaner less than a week after adding Algae Control to the tank! 

3. Clearing cloudy waters and annoying filament algae

- The main use case of Algae Control is to clear up your water column and stop algae growth in your tank. We have been running many tests in our lab over the past three months and will be releasing a full spectrum of algae species and the effectiveness of our solution against them in the next blog post. 

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