What makes Algae Control Different?

What makes Algae Control Different?

Finding the best way to control algae in your tank can be tricky, especially when it feels like you’ve exhausted all your options. From harsh chemical algaecides, to relentless scrubbing, to spending loads of money on algae-eating organisms, it just doesn’t feel worth the battle. 

We know how much work it can be to keep an aquarium sparkly clean, which is why we at Green Water Labs have worked hard to develop an easy, natural Algae Control that is right for you and your tank. Unlike other forms of algae treatment, our Algae Control works WITH nature instead of against it. 

We understand that most algae treatments promise a fast, immediate kill-fix but that’s just not how nature intended it. Quick-fix approaches often lead to unintended consequences. For instance, chemical algaecides work fast to kill algae living in your tank but their intensity poses risks to both aquatic life, humans, and ecosystem functions. For example, these treatments can create something called kill and blooms. Algae is a very resilient organism, and with just a few cells, it can quickly bounce back into a large colony. When quick-fix treatments are utilized they often wipe out the majority of algae, along with other important bacteria that help maintain the balance in your aquarium. Then after a few weeks you notice the algae has come back stronger than ever. 

Green Water Labs is proud to have developed an Algae Control that offers more secure, sustained results. By using softer, green chemistries, our products are able to mimic defense mechanisms engineered by the natural world. Algae Control is specifically designed to target microalgae and cyanobacteria without sacrificing the wellbeing of other organisms in your tank. 

Our product introduces gradual changes over time that make stable impacts in your tank and helps give you peace of mind when it comes to dealing with algae in your aquarium. Because of this long term stable impact, it does take time and consistent, weekly application to establish stability and maintain control. Results typically take a couple weeks and can be subtle at first.

Photos are a great way to track progress in your tank, and our team loves seeing your at-home projects sparkle with success! We would love to see shots of your unique story towards algae-free stability! You can always reach us with pictures, stories, and/or questions at team@greenwaterlabs.com

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