Green Water Labs Algae Control Aquarium Solution dosage guide

How-To: Algae Control

how to use algae control in your tank to clean and prevent algae from coming back. 3 step process for regulating algae written below!


Add 1oz (30ml) for every 10 gallons in your tank. It's important not to overdue or rush the introduction of a new substance as we don't want to stress our your critters! If causing stress to your fish or shrimp is a concern, we encourage dosing 1/2oz twice a week for a smoother introduction.

For best results, use weekly and add solution directly to the filter. 

If results aren't performing as desired after a few weeks, rest easy and increase dosage to 1oz for every 5 gallons as your fish and other critters have had time to adjust and adapt.

For a more in-depth conversation of adapting Algae Control for your tank, checkout our blog on how to dose for your unique set-up and reasons why you might need Algae Control in your tank-care regime. 

Best Practices:

Algae Control is best used as a preventative method. If you are starting with a clean tank, using our product will ensure you spend a lot less time dealing with unwanted algae growth and long-winded cleaning processes.

Spot Treatment is a great way to fend off or eliminate annoying growths of black beard or hair algae. Try using a syringe or dropper to add a small amount (10ml) directly onto the algae you wish to get rid of! 

Starting Out you might try adding 1/2oz(15ml) twice a week so you don't stress out your fish or shrimp. While our ingredients are extracted from natural plants and exist in some of the marine environments you may have around your home. Each aquarium or tank is unique, and it's important to note that too much of anything may disturb the balance in the ecosystem you have created. 

Why we created Algae Control 

The decision to create Algae Control was based largely on the lack of eco-friendly products available on the market. In an ideal situation, one is able to create a self-sustaining, balanced ecosystem in their tank or pond, yet this requires knowledge and time that many do not have. We thought it was necessary to help create a product to fill the market gap. 

There are several different algaecides that utilize harmful chemicals like chlorine and copper on the market today, including notable brands like AlgaeFix, Tetra Fish & Pond, and Algaetrine. These products work in small doses to kill off algae in your tank, but run the risk of poisoning your tank's ecosystems, even leading to larger algae blooms down the line. 

Unfortunately, eco-friendly products on the market are quite limited. Biosafe’s ZeroTol is one of the most effective solutions (peroxide based), but you can not use it in an environment designed to support life. Barley Extract is one sustainable alternative that shows promise, yet the required dosage needs is high, and is still not effective against many species of algae. 


Bubble Algae, commonly found sticking on corals 

  • Valonia ventricosa

  • Green Algae, most commonly found sticking to the side of your tank or plants

  • Chlamydomonas
  • Pandorina
  • Scenedesmus

  • Filamentous (String) Algae, all the annoying stringy algae we all despise the most

  • Oscillatoria
  • Spirogyra
  • Ulothrix

  • Yellow-Green (Mustard Algae), the stuff you never want to find in your tank or pond

  • Vacheria
  • Xanthophyceae

  • Thanks for tuning in, and feel free to contact us with any questions! 

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