Using Algae Control with your Unique Set-Up

Using Algae Control with your Unique Set-Up

Once you know how Algae Control works with nature instead of against it, things get even better once you hear how easy it is to adapt for use with your unique, aquatic ecosystem! Today we’re talking about how and why thousands of aqua-hobbyists are already saving time and stress by integrating Algae Control into their tank-care regime.

We know you're busy. You've got a lot on your plate, and your aquarium is just one more thing you want to make sure is taken care of. But we also know that algae can be a real pain—it can clog our filters and make it harder for fish to breathe. It can also cause cloudy water, which means less light gets into your tank. This not only makes it harder for your plants to grow, but also keeps you from actually enjoying your beautiful aquatic life!

Here’s where Algae Control comes in to remind us that aquatic life can coexist in balance without the stress of outbreaks and over-competition. If you haven’t yet read how plant-based compounds in Algae Control mimic natural defense mechanisms against algae & cyanobacteria to control blooms in your tank, check our previous piece talking all about it! We love helping aqua-hobbyists and fish lovers alike keep their tanks healthy, natural, clean and beautiful– without demanding care regimes and constant problem solving.

Tuning with Nature: Biomimicry in Practice

Biomimicry is all about learning how nature solves problems and applying those solutions to solve human problems. It’s one of the most exciting approaches in any field of science today because it respects and embraces the genius of nature, while helping us think differently about how we address and engage with challenges. 

If you’ve got algae issues, take a deep breath and know that things don’t have to stay this way. All it takes is some patience and a small, weekly commitment of hardly 30 seconds! Here’s how to start spending less time stressing, and more time enjoying your tank by letting nature lead the way with Algae Control.

How-To Basics 

Our Algae Control solution is super easy to use and can be applied directly to any aquarium by adding just one dose a week to your tank.

  • Simply add Algae Control to your tank water or filter by following our recommended dosing guidelines of 1oz (30ml) for every 10 gallons of water in your tank. 
    • For larger tanks, our dosage cap is about 5oz. This should be plenty for your aquarium and may just need a little more patience for long term success! 
  • For best results, use weekly and add solution directly to filter.

As we’ve shared before, part of our philosophy with Algae Control is about taking a slower, safer approach for more secure, sustained results. Every aquarium is unique, and it's important not to overdue or rush the introduction of new substances in your ecosystem because this can cause unwanted stress on your aquatic life. If causing stress to critters is a particular concern for you and your unique tank, we encourage splitting dosage up into ½ ounces twice a week for a an easier introduction. 

  • If results aren’t performing as desired after a few weeks, rest easy and increase dosage to 1oz for every 5 gallons as your aquatic life has had time to adjust and adapt!

Pictures are a great way to track progress, and our team loves receiving photos of your unique journey at

Uses for Algae Control

There are many ways you can use Algae Control to eradicate algae outbreaks and prevent blooms from happening in the first place. Here are some of the most common ways to use algae control that keep your tank looking great while helping you maintain a healthy ecosystem:

  • Stopping Algae Growth & Clearing Water Column
  • You know what’s fun? An algae-free tank. You know what’s even more fun? An algae-free tank that doesn’t require you to cycle your aquarium all over again. If you’ve got various kinds of algae building up in your tank or water column, weekly doses of Algae Control will work wonders in no time! 

  • Eliminate & Prevent Biofilms on Aquatic Plants
  • Algae Control is a great tool for keeping your sweet, aquatic plants nice and luscious by eliminating unsightly films that easily build-up around leaves– allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your aquatic plants without having to deal with the hassle of cleaning them off every week! 

  • Use with Plant Fertilizers
  • This is a popular one. Dozens of aqua-hobbyists have started using plant-based Algae Control to prevent the nasty algae-bloom side effects of fertilizers while still keeping your plants fed & happy!

  • Clear up Cloudy Tank Water
  • Algae Control is great for clearing up a cloudy tank so that you can finally see those pretty fish again (and they can see you!)

  • Algae Prevention
  • There are plenty of reasons why algae outbursts catch us by surprise, stress us out, and discourage fish owners. Sometimes, we are seriously trying our best, but just can’t seem to get it right! Relax. We can’t always be perfect and that’s okay! What’s more important than being a perfect fish keeper is maintaining stability, and Algae Control is here to help you find and KEEP algae-free stability into the future by preventing the blooms from ever coming back with consistent, weekly use. 

  • Making Tank-Care Easier
  • Get rid of the stress that comes with algae problems. If you’re looking for an easy way to bring some stability back into your life, this might be it: an algae-free tank that keeps itself clean! Small doses of Algae Control just once a week is definitely becoming one of the easiest things to commit to these days! Avoid hours of manual scrubbing and removal with this one, simple solution. 

    Regardless of your reason(s) for integrating Algae Control, one thing’s for sure: it’s packed full of multiple benefits for tanks and fish keepers alike! Now family and friends can come over any time and enjoy your aquarium -- and you don't have to worry about the water being cloudy or covered in gross slime!

    Implementation Advice

    Our product works best as a preventative method because of how it inhibits and targets algae before it can even start to grow. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a nice, clean tank – Algae Control is best for ensuring things stay that way into the future, and that you spend less time dealing with unwanted outbreaks and long-winded cleaning processes.

    When adding new plants or rocks into your tank, they can sometimes be carrying various bacteria and algae spores into your tank. A pro-tip for avoiding further problems is to first apply a small amount of Algae Control onto its surface before placing them down in the tank. This will help prevent the spread of unwanted microorganisms that might otherwise be transferred into your ecosystem by these objects.

    For existing algae growth in your tank, more direct spot treatments can be very helpful for targeting and eliminating them. If regular weekly treatments aren’t eliminating them fast enough, try using a syringe or dropper to add a small amount directly onto the algae you wish to get rid of! This can be done easiest during water changes, but may also be done with a dropper that expels treatment directly onto the affected area. 

    Algae Control Makes Stability Easy 

    It’s quite amazing how simple it is to use Algae Control in aquarium ecosystems! By committing to just one, small dose a week, you’re opening doors to finally spending more time enjoying your tank and aquatic life. 

    It’s exciting to start facing challenges with a nature-based mindset, and Algae Control is making biomimicry easier than ever for fish hobbyists and aquascapers alike! While this is surely one of the most exciting advances in tank-based algae management, it’s also quite an exciting advancement for people and the planet, too! Algae Control is part of a much bigger picture and paradigm shift towards nature-based solutions and away from toxic chemicals and petroleum-based products. This is the essence of the Green Water Labs’ mission, and we are so thankful for every single one of our customers and community members that play a major role in supporting such a nature-based future.

    Remember, pictures are a great way to track progress, and our team loves receiving photos of your unique journey at !

    Relax and let nature take the lead! Try Algae Control today.

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