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Algae Assassin

Algae Assassin

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Algae Assassin  is a plant based solution to help keep your home protected from unwanted algae or moss! Whether your deck, walkway, stairs, siding, or any other surface is covered in algae, simply spray a light coat onto the affected area and rinse after 3-5 days! Watch the algae fade away and stop worrying about unwanted growth around your home. The active ingredients in our product are designed by nature to stop algae and moss from growing, meaning not only will it clean up the existing coverage but it will also protect it from coming back. Algae Assassin is safe for ecosystems and will not harm your pets, children, or backyard ecosystem. 

Green Water Labs manufactures all of our products using recycled plant material in our Seattle, USA facility. This product is not for human consumption.

You can view our SDS here!



Made from plants!

Safe for pets, and plants!

Prevents uncontrolled algae growth in your tank!

Renewable and non-toxic to our planet.!



Algae found around your home, walkways, decks, siding, roofs. Moss will likely require multiple treatments depending on how covered the area is.



Apply generously to your surfaces covered in algae or moss. Make sure the area remains dry for the first 24 hours. Once dry wait 3-10 days and rinse with water to watch your algae and moss fade away. Heavily coated areas may require multiple treatments. Please reach out to with questions or refer to our FAQ page.



Water, proprietary plant extract, less than 1% (Acetic acid, antioxidants)



View SDS here!

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