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Algae Control Concentrate - Powdered Formula

Algae Control Concentrate - Powdered Formula

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You asked, we delivered! 

Introducing Algae Control Concentrate. Lasts 5X longer than a bottle of our Algae Control. Each vial treats up to 960 gallons. Recommended dosing is 5-10ml for every 10 gallons.

Designed to save you time and maintenance by preventing algae blooms in your aquarium. Our solution uses plant based polyphenols to provide a natural protection against unwanted algae. We understand algae is an important aspect to our aquatic ecosystems, however, we also know how hard it can be to keep under control. After three years of research and development we are thrilled to announce that we have created a powdered concentrate and have cut the price significantly as each vial lasts 5x longer than a traditional bottle. Simply add the powder to your reusable bottle, and shake thoroughly. Let sit for 10 minutes before adding it into your aquarium. For best results mix with your aquarium water during a water change. Once mixed the product will last for about 1 year, make sure to shake before every use. 

Algae Control Concentrate is designed to prevent light to medium growth of single celled algae and cyanobacteria in your tank or aquarium. These organisms are the common cause of green water and cycling issues in tanks and aquariums. Algae Control Concentrate is best used as a preventative measure, however, it can be used to save a tank severely overrun with algae. Tanks with extreme algae growth of any type should be partially or completely drained before adding Algae Control Powdered Formula directly onto the algae and allowed to sit for at least a few hours. In this case be sure to remove all livestock from the tank. The growth of filamentous and hair algae can also be prevented with Algae Control Powder Formula but may take longer to see results. See dosage instructions below for more information!



Made from plants!

Safe for pets, and plants!

Prevents uncontrolled algae growth in your tank!

Renewable and non-toxic to our planet!

Now in powdered form, simply mix the solution with water and follow the dosing instructions. Each vial will last



Green, Brown, and Red Algae




Black Beard Algae

Hair Algae

Please note that the product is intended to PREVENT algae blooms, so using it to eliminate large outbreaks in your tank will likely take several weeks to see significant results. See dosing instructions for more information.



Light Growth/Preventative: 1.25ml (¼ tsp) for every 10 gallons, weekly or as needed.

Moderate Growth: 5ml (1 tsp) for every 10 gallons, weekly or as needed.

Tank Reset: Remove livestock, drain tank, apply directly to surface, let sit for at least 3 hrs. Clean filter, refill tank, increase aeration, add livestock.

For best results, use weekly and add solution during your water change. Mixing it into the water before adding back into the tank is a great way to ensure the product will be properly diluted. 

Spot treating hair algaes will produce faster results.

It's important not to overdue or rush the introduction of a new substance as we don't want to stress our your critters! If causing stress to your fish or shrimp is a concern, we encourage splitting the dosing in half and adding the product twice a week for a smoother introduction.

If results aren't performing as desired after a few weeks, rest easy and increase dosage to 10 ml for every 10 gallons as your fish and other critters have had time to acclimate.



Water, proprietary plant extract, malic acid, ascorbic acid.

Store in a cool dark place.



View SDS here!

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  • Solution for tank algae, take action to clean and prevent algae in your aquarium with algae control

    Mix the Powder

    Empty your vial of powder into your reusable dropper bottle or a container that will hold 16oz of liquid. Mix the entire vial with 16oz of your aquarium water and shake or stir thoroughly. Wait 10 minutes before mixing again to ensure the solution is completely dissolved.

  • Green Water Labs Algae Control Solution, application for algae free aquarium

    Relax and dose once a week

    Reducing stress is important for you and your fish. We recommend starting slowly to acclimate your tank. Add 5-10ml of solution to your tank each week during your water changes. Depending on the amount of algae in your tank you may need to increase the dosage so please read our dosing guide for further instructions.

  • Clean, clear aquascape tank with regulated and balanced nutrient levels to prevent algae

    Sit back and let nature do the work!

    After 7-10 days, you'll start seeing Nature do their thing. Prevention is KEY when it comes to algae, so maintain stable, weekly dosings for best results. Now go enjoy your aquarium without worrying about the problem-solving stress and instability!

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